Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things I Have Learned

I am studying the Psalms this summer and have really enjoyed reading through the book.

Today my heart was overwhelmed and thankful for the way that God knows us and cares about us so intimately. He knows our insecurities, he knows our hearts, he knows the things that excite us and the things that grieve us. He celebrates over us and accepts us, he is in perfect attendence to our every step, He never takes his eyes off of us, he does not slumber, and he relishes every hint of maturity even if we feel as if were not making any progress. I desire to KNOW GOD the way that he knows me. TOTALLY. COMPLETELY. PERFECTLY.

I loved being reminded of this truth and I could relate in a new way now that I have a child.

It also helped put into words how I feel about Harper. The deep desire I have to love her, know her, and study her little heart and the way that I appreciate every moment of her growth. I know my love is so imperfect in comparison to how God loves us and knows us. I will fall short and am thankful for the model that I have to follow.

As Harper is growing more aware of life, her surroundings, relationships, and God and as she is becoming more and more vocal it has been fun to study her, to get to see the things that make her heart excited.

* I love the way that she is so concerned about others. Always showing interest in others, wanting to pray for others, asks how others are doing or where they are. She loves her family and friends.
* She is cautious in a wise way but willing to try new things
* She LOVES to sing, dance, entertain, and celebrate
* She has a thankful spirit and often says thank you out of the blue without being prompted
* She exudes joy, life, and energy
* She is patient, kind, and sweet with her words. The other day she said mommy and daddy your the best. It made my heart melt.
* She is compassionate and caring, especially to other little babies and to her stuffed animals and she is sad when others are sad. So sweet to see her show mercy.
* She has a teachable heart, and shows such a fun desire to learn and catches on to things quickly
* She is obediant and desires to follow instruction

These are all things we prayed for her before she was born. It is just so fun to see how God is forming her and shaping her heart. My prayer is that we would never get in the way of what God wants for her. That we would rely and partner with God and seek his wisdom in raising and caring for her. We pray that we would engage her heart in things that have eternal value and that she would become a women that loves God and serves others.

I love being a mom to Harper and I thank God for that calling every day. It is a role that I often feel insecure or uncertain about at times but know that God has uniquely gifted me and Adam to care for her in a way that no one else can. For that I am thankful!

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