Monday, March 2, 2009

Harper's First Vacation

Well It is hard to believe that Harper is 5 1/2 months old. We took Harper on her first vacation snowboarding and snowshoeing in Mammoth Lakes, California. She had a great time and got up on the snowboard her first try =)

Outside the condo. It snowed every day

Harper playing with her G-ma

Uncle Z , Harper and Adam getting read to shred the mountain. It was Zac's first time to snowboard and he did great!

Adam, Dusty, Zac and Harper waiting for the bus to come and pick us up. Harper looked so cute in her snow suit!

We had a great time and I got to do some snowboarding too which was awesome. We put Harper in childcare at the mountain and she did great.

Reminded of Who God Is and What He Does For Me

Today I spent a good amount of time with the Lord. It was so great because I am really trying to use my time wisely when Harper is napping.

I wanted to share what I studied today and hope that it can encourage all of us during good and bad days. We are reading in Psalms/Job for bible study and we just finished Psalms 21-40 before we move on to Job. As I finished I was reminded of the way that David continually uninhibitately vented and expressed his emotions both good and bad (frustration, fear, anger, disatisfaction, satisfaction, thankfulness, fill in the blank emotion) to God. Amazingly David always went back to the character and promises of God and put his faith in His character. Today I decided to make a list of who God is and what God does for us.

Here it is (Just a summary, read the text for further exploration, I also have the scripture references but didn't feel like typing them if you want them =):

What God Does For Us (Psalms 21-27):

Gives us strength
Gives us victory
Grants us the desires of our heart
Does not withold
Welcomes us with rich blessings
Gives us life
Grants us eternal blessings
Makes us glad with the joy of his presence
Loves us Unfailingly
Is faithful through generations
Saves us and hears our cries
Does not disappoint
Can't be shaken
Quick to help us
Delivers us
Rescues us
Has not hidden his face from us
Listens to our cries for help
Helps us not be in want
Lead us besides quiet waters
Restores our souls
Guides us in paths of righteousness
Makes me lie down in green pastures
We do not have to fear evil for he is with me
Comforts me
Overflows my cup
Goodness and love follow me all the days of my life
We will dwell in the house of the Lord forever
We will not be put to shame
Enemies will not triumph over me
Shows me his ways
Teaches me his paths
Guides me in his truth
Remembers us according to his love, not according to the sins of my youth or my rebellion
Instructs sinners in his ways
Guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way
Is loving and faithful
Forgives our iniquity though it is great
Instructs us in the way chosen for us
Confides in those who fear him
Makes his covenant known to us
Turns to us and is gracious to us when we are lonely and afflicted
Frees us from anguish
Takes away our sins
Guards my life and rescues me
Integrity and upright
Reedems me
Merciful to me
Gives us level ground to stand on
Our light and salvation
Keeps me safe in his dwelling place
Conquers our enemies
Gives us confidence and helps our hearts not to fear
Does not hide his face from us
Does not reject or forsake us
Recieves me
Leads me in a straight path
Teaches us his way

What an awesome God we serve. I am humbled by the fact that such an awesome God could love me; such an imperfect person that could never measure up. It still amazes me that God does all of these things for us yet only requires me to acknowledge my need for him and believe that he loved me enough to die for me (A small ask considering all he has done for me)

I was so encouraged by these truths because I have been really struggling with finding my significance in others. I often put so many expectations on others and get frustrated and angry when people don't respond the way I think they should or when things don't turn out how I expected, relationally, circumstancially, etc. The reality is that when I put my hope and satisfaction in people or things they will always end up letting me down. Only God can meet my every need. My hope needs to rest in him alone.
Praying that all of you will do the same.