Friday, June 15, 2012

Its..been a while

So it has been almost a year since I have made a blog update. Thats what happens when you are busy with 2 toddlers and pregnant with another precious one. I did want to post a few of my favorite pictures over the last year though. Unfortunately they are in no particular order.

We have been doing lots of:
Toy playing! This was one of Sydney's favorite toys from Christmas. It actually belonged to her cousin Knox but she quickly showed him who was boss =)

Family picture taking! (Thanksgiving 2011) 

Sweet mama loving! Sydney is the most cuddly baby

Pumpkin patch picking! at our local pumpkin patch the girls loved picking out all the itty bitty baby "punkins"

New cousin meeting! (sweet Teagan) Yeah for another girl to the family!

Halloween celebrating! (Grammy and Papa came over and helped pass out candy and roasted smores with us in the front yard!)

Christmas card photo

Scoter ridding! Harper got a new scooter for her birthday and has loved learning how to ride it.

Grocery shopping! They loved ridding together and are becoming the best of friends!

Park playing! We have an awesome park in our neighborhood and try to go as often as possible

Happy Nap Waking! She always wakes up happy

3rd birthday celebrating! I can't believe Harper will soon be four. She is such a delight and loves her sweet neighborhood friends. We had a snow cone truck come to our house for her party. 

Bike ridding!

Grocery cart pushing! Harper is our little helper

Feeding ducks at the park

  1. Swinging in the back yard

Ballet taking!  Harper is the sweetest dancer and is really good

Playing with her favorite toy, always with her tongue out =)

Taking a trip to Broken Bow with our community group! Look at all those sweet faces. We are so blessed

Cake eating! Happy 1st birthday Sdney
Tea party celebrating! Harper is also really loving to use her imagination and loves dressing up

Movie Watching

Family Loving

Sweet Daddy

It's SISTER TIME! Thats what they love to call it. They love to play together and are becoming best friends. Happy picnic =)

Another dress up/fashion show around our house

Cousin Time with Papa

Happy 60th birthday papa!

Thankful for these girls and all their kids

Happy Birthday!

Merry Christmas

Playing dress up! Knox is such a sport

I have some more recent pictures that I will post but just wanted to put a few of my favorite memories over the last year. We are just living life and praising God for each day that he gives us with our special girls and trying not to take anything for granted.