Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1. 5 years old....WOW!

A year and a! I can't believe it.

Harper is such a beautiful, fun, strong, caring, loving, compassionate, obediant, charasmatic little girl.

We love her so much and it is hard to believe that she has been in our lives a year and a half tomorrow. Time flies when you have a toddler. Adam and I know how precious this time is and make the most of every opportunity.

We love our family time together on the weekends. We love taking Harper to Dunkin donuts on the weekends, going to the pet shop to see the animals or going on a leisurely stroll around our neighborhood. I know these moments aren't any different than most families lives but we thank God for every moment he gives us.

Now to share about a few fun moments the last few months:

* Harper loves to dance and sing and we love it when she makes up her own songs. She has such a sweet voice
* She loves to read books especially Abby Cadabby and Humpty Dumpty with her daddy
* She loves to play peek a boo, hide and go seek, and loves when we chase her
* She loves the show Wonder Pets and will sing the theme song....Wonder Pets Yeah!!
* We have bible time in the morning and she loves her bible. She loves Noah's Ark, Adam and Eve, and Abraham
* She loves to say hi to anyone and everyone and gives out the best kisses, the way she puckers her little lips is so sweet
*She says "bye bye" and "night night" when we put her in her crib like a big girl all ready for bed
* When we pray together I ask her who she wants to pray for and she always says her Gigi and Pops
* She loves to sort things and play with her crayons
*She loves her little car that we got her for Christmas
*She loves to take baths and loves to cuddle in the shower with her mama