Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Fun Week With Dad

This week was a fun one for our little family of 3.

We did lots of this:

What is this you ask...a hint...think back to one of your favorite childhood memories....FORT BUILDING!!! It was so much FUN. We litterally spent half the day in the fort in our family room, reading books, playing with Harper's stuffed animals and just hanging out.

Adam and Harper enjoy an afternoon tea party..these happen multiple times a day at our house. Look how much Adam is enjoying himself. =)

Celebrated Adam's birthday with sugar cookies and a PARTY! The next day I caught Harper in a corner of the kitchen eating a sugar cookie that she swiped from the table. No harm no foul =)

Swimming lessons..Harper started them last week and is a little timid but enjoys the water.

We had a fun Father's Day Weekend. I love watching Adam be a dad! As you can tell from the pictures....Harper is in love! least until her prince charming comes along one day....look out!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet Hubby..Happy Birthday

I am a day late on this post but couldn't let the week go by without giving a shout out to my sweet hubby. Yesterday he turned the BIG 29, which means this is his last year in the 20's. Happy Birthday Adam!

We went on a little date to a great restaurant called R and D. The atmosphere was fun, the food was fabulous and our time together was sweet. We also had a little family celebration, just the 3 of us. I made sugar cookies and put a candle in one, we sat around the ottoman in our living room and sang happy birthday and celebrated. Harper loved the PARTY and was running around the house saying "Happy Birthday DADDY!!!" and saying Harper's Birthday is comin" was so funny.

Here is a picture of Adam when I met him 10 years ago. OMG I can't believe it has been that long..... Jake, Adam and Johnny college days

And here is a more recent picture of Adam with Harper
Adam, we love you and are blessed daily by your humble and gentle spirit, your patient and kind heart and your fun and easy going outlook on life. We hope your 29th year of life is the BEST yet!