Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some Pics to Share

Harper all bundled up to go and see Santa
The Fam at the Ice Exhibit right before Christmas
Pic of Harper with my dad's work out headband on haha
Scott and Shannon Wedding in October
Scott and Shannon Wedding in October

Crazy Week

Okay so this week has been a little crazy to say the least.

We got in a car accident on our way home from church last Sunday night. The guy decided to hit and run and then came back 30 minutes later and is now refusing to call back his insurance company. This most likely means that we will have to file under our insurance which = NO FUN

Then....the water heater went out on Monday and we had no hot water all week long in freezing cold temperatures. We called the plumber to find out that....

We had a MASSIVE leak under our house with about 3-6 inches in some places of standing water = NOT GOOD

With all that said it has been a bit stressful. It has been a rough few days but this morning I remain thankful for a God who cares about all the details of our lives.

Thankful that we have a place to stay until things get fixed, thankful that I have an extra car to drive (our friends the Netzer's have let us drive their car while they are out of town, and my dad is out of town this week so I can drive his car). I am thankful for the little red flags along the way that alerted us that something might be going on with our house (ie: a strange sound coming from our master sink a few months ago, the wood floors starting to curb upward, the hot water heater going out, the little wet spot I found in the corner of our garage). All of these little things led us to question that something was not right with the house.

God was preparing my heart for all this earlier this week when I was reading through John Ch 10 about the way that the Good Shepherd cares for his sheep. He watched over us, he protects us from danger, he guides us, he lays down his life for us, he leads us beside still waters, he provides green pasture for us, he wipes away our tears. So fitting for such a time as this. It was also a sweet reminder of the way that in the midst of the suffering in Hatti that God is still in control and he watches over his sheep.

All that to say...I do feel a perfect peace in the midst of a little storm. I am thankful for the friends and family who have been willing to pray with me over the phone (thanks Shelby for answering my cry for help hahah), called to check on us, and been willing to help however needed. I am greatful for a husband who does not stress easily and leads our family well.

These are the things that really matter. Houses, Cars, the luxeries/convienences of life are worthless if you don't have something more substantial. I am reminded to build my life/our home on the firm foundation of Christ and on relationships. Thankful that I can have hope in the midst of a frustrating few days.