Monday, August 30, 2010

Funny Sayings/Big girl bed

Harper in her big girl bed (a bunk bed). She has been in it a week and is loving it. She hasn't fallen out and can't wait for sleepovers with friends =)

Harper has been cracking us up lately with her little sayings. I bought a little book to write things down as she says them and hope to one day give it to her when she is an adult so she can laugh and we can enjoy the memories together. Here are a few of her most recent and my favorite sayings, things that she has said out of the blue without being prompted I promise.

"Excuse me can I get by"
"Perfect" at random times
"I'm styling" when we took her to Old Navy to try on some fall clothes
"Hmm let me see"
"I forgot or I not feeling good" when she doesn't want to eat something
"Where my seat belt so we can be safe"
"Get out of my bed" she told me that the other day after sleeping in her big girl bed for 3 whole nights hahah isn't she a little young to be telling me to get out of her room =)
"I'm a boobie" when we were at Gap Body walking past all the bras, she said it very loudly and repeatedly..Adam and I tried so hard not to laugh so that we wouldn't encourage repetition
"My birthday September 11th" She makes sure we are not going to forget
"Jesus loves you mommy"
"Your a good driver daddy"
"Put that down" when I was on my cell phone in the car, if that's not convicting what is =)
"Okie dokie"
"Ready freddy"
"Good singing mommy" I'm not making this one up promise
"yeah, yeah"
"prays out loud on her own for anyone and everyone and anything" She prayed for the bike today =)
"Old Mcdonald had a chicken"

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Lindsey Davis said...

Oh my goodness! She told you to get out of her bed....awesome. I am laughing so hard right now!! Love this post!