Monday, May 2, 2011

Sydney Mini


You are 6 months old and what a JOYFUL little babe you are.

* You love to smile at me any time of the day or night. You love to smile at anyone who glances your way. Your joy is such a sweet presence in our family.

*You are very active, you love to be on your tummy, you don;t like for me to change your diaper or be constrained by your car seat.

*You started rocking back and forth on your knees at 5 months and are now semi crawling. It is the cutest thing. You use your little toes to propel you forward. You are going to have some strong little toes.

*You have started sleeping through the night. I am thankful for longer stretches of sleep at night but I miss your sweet night time cuddles when I would nurse you. You love to nurse and love to find my hand to hold while nursing. I love this sweet time with you!

*You love for me to hold you most of the day. I am so thankful for the Ergo so that I can carry you around wherever we go.

*You love to smile and laugh at your sister, she can be pretty silly =), When we play patty cake you laugh so hard I am affraid you are going to hurt yourself.

*You have enjoyed almost any food I have offered you so far (peas, sweet potattoes, green beans, avacado, bananas, pears and rice cereal) You rock back and forth in your bumbo with your arms out to the sides when I feed you. You get so EXCITED.

* You are very observant. Always watching what everyone is doing and taking it all in, much like your daddy.

* You love to kick your legs in excitement when I get you out of your crib in the morning and after naps.

*You love to sleep in the far corner of your bed all curled up in a little ball, it is your special spot. Always on your tummy

*You get so EXCITED when daddy comes home from work.

*Harper gave you the nickname Sydney Mini (I love to hear her say it to you)

Sydney- I love you so much, your a precious gift from the Lord! I pray every day that God would give us the wisdom to parent you as He would want. We pray that you would come to know and follow him at a young age and that you would always know how special you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you bring joy to our family. I am blessed to be your mama

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Sharon said...

I LOVE your pics. Miss u more than you know.