Friday, April 8, 2011

Sing Over Me


This is one of my FAVORITE baby cd's . It is a collection of beautiful worship songs and lullabies. Perfect for days like today (a little gloomy) when you just want to rock your babe a little longer and sing them some sweet melodies. I started singing these songs to Harper as a baby and now I get to sing them to Sydney too.

Check out a few of my favorites below (How Deep The Fathers Love For Us). I thought this one was fitting considering that it is almost Easter and it really spoke to my heart today.

I also love this song (Hold On To Jesus) for those of you with little girls. It often comes to mind in the night when I am feeding Sydney. It is such a beautiful song and a great prayer to pray for girls and boys



Erynn said...

love the blog update! looks just like you. those songs. I remember playing them and hearing them to sing over your sweet little one (when she was itty bitty Harper).

Lindsey said...

We need to see you all soon. Syd looks like she has grown so much since I saw her last! Miss all you guys on the Dallas side. Milan and I will have to make a trip up to hang out one of these beautiful days.