Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back In Full Effect

Okay friends....I know it has been like 3 months since I
have posted and I think this pictures says it all. I thought no one really cared that I had left the blog world but I was surprised to discover that there really are people out there who read my blog. So I am BACK...You have to admit that I deserved a bit of a break. I had another baby and for those of you who are parents with little ones you might remember what those first few months are like.
I had forgotten what having a newborn baby was like and was reminded the moment we brought sweet Sydney home from the hospital. Not much sleep, lots of crying (both baby and momma), dying to self, and of course the sweet moments that go by too fast. It is hard to believe that Sydney is 3 months old. It has gone by so much more quickly this time around. I am trying to savor every sweet milestone and moment that I can and feel so blessed that I get to be home with my girls.

Okay so here is what I have learned over the last few months:

*Accept Support With Open Arms : I have to admit that I thought I knew what I was doing because I had done it before (not all that long ago) and didn't think I would need as much help this time around. Boy was I WRONG... Adam was able to take 2 weeks off work. I was so thankful to have him home to help, to encourage, to love and support me and to spend sweet time together with our new family of 4. I also felt so blessed to have the most amazing friends, neighbors, and family. We had meals for 2 months 3 -4 times a week which was such a blessing this time around and Harper always had a fun play date which gave her some normalcy admist all the change.

*Every Child is Different: I used to hear people say this and honestly thought that it was an excuse for their child's bad behavior haha. Now that Harper is 2 I know that is not the case =) (random people please forgive me for judging you =) It took me a few weeks but I learned that it isn't fair to compare Sydney to Harper or Harper to Sydney. Each child is uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made. Harper is our little social butterfly and Sydney is very rexaled and low key. It has been so fun to see and embrace the unique differences in each of them.

*Let Go of Mom Guilt and Move On: No matter how hard I try I am never going to be able to spend the type of one on one time with Sydney that I did with Harper. I am also never going to be able to give Harper the kind of attention that she was used to. I try to make the most of the time I get with each child and now understand why mom's with multiple kids struggle with mom guilt. I do my best each day and ask God to fill in and provide them security and significance where I can't.

*It WILL Take Your First Child Time to Transition To the New Baby: Harper has done amazing with Sydney and loves to hug her, kiss her and play with her. It was an adjustment though and she didn't want to share the attention at first. At the suggestion of a friend, we made a special box filled with toys, snacks, and treats, just for Harper, that she could play with when I nursed. This made her feel special and kept her entertained. She has adjusted well and I honestly don't think that she will ever remember life apart from Syndey. It is so sweet to see how she loves her sister and makes me dream of the years ahead. I hope and pray that they grow to be the very BEST of friends and I know that Harper will be a great role model for Syd.

*Let Go of Expectations: If I am honest...I want to be a Martha Stewart/fill in the blank role model type mom. I mean who doesn't? But....the reality is that I am never going to be the PERFECT mom. All that to say I had to embrace that I wasn't going to be able to make a gourmet dinner every night, keep my house perfectly clean, look like Angelina Jolie, run 10 miles, get up early to read my bible every morning and have a child who is 100% obediant all the time. SHHHEEZ that list would make any mom overwhelmed. Then why do we have those types of expectations for ourselves? I am learning to let go of my expectations and allow God to show me how to prioritize my day and what to invest my time and energy into. I am still learning how to do this.

*Be Where You Are: As many of you know I am a people person. I love to be around people, talk to people, watch people, listen to people, etc. One of the hardest lessons I have learned since I have become a mother is that I can't do everything, be everywhere, or meet the needs of everyone. I just need to be content and present where I am, in this season. Whether that means taking care of sick kids or running around the playground. I want to embrace each stage and not wish it away or wish for the next best milestone. that is all....nothing profound just a few things that I have learned and am still learning. Isn't LIFE fun! Always a learning process until Jesus calls us home.

I would love to hear from all of you other mom's out there. What has been your greatest learning lesson on the road of Motherhood?

And Now for a Few Past Due Pictures: (BTW I have issues with uploading pics on my blog...anyone else have that problem or am I just computer illiterate? help please if you have tips) I can't ever figure out how the spacing works and I can only upload a few pics at a time)

Family Pic Syd is 10 days old
Snow Day January


Lindsey said...

You are such a role model to me and I love posts that share a mom's vulnerability and insecurities. I think it's important to share those sides just as much as all of the flowers and butterflies of parenting. I have a hard time relating to moms that only want to share how wonderful things are all of the time. It makes me feel inadequate and guilty that I don't feel like that all of the time. I'm learning to get rid of expectations and just be my best self. My best self may not be as good as it was yesterday or the day before that but I try to do the best I have in that moment.

Kelly Rae said...

Yay Sara! Glad your and your little family are back on the blog world. Thanks for sharing your mommy thoughts and the beautiful pictures!

erynn said...

Oh that picture made me laugh. Love that you had time to sit down and blog and the window into your world. Yes I see and talk to you all the time but love to read the written words. You know I value you so much and love that I can walk this road with you now!

I agree in dying to self every day and making a million choices throughout the day to do it again, and again and again...oh and the expectations part: to hold that ever so loosely! Love you

marisa and jimmy said...

I loved reading this. It was exactly what I needed at just the right time. Jesus is so good to us!

Sharon said...

I have missed you and your blog!! I love you mucho and thank God we have been friends so long. XOXO Shar

marc and trisha said...

Welcome back! You are an amazing mama and I love watching you with your sweet girls.

Lindsey Davis said...

I love this blog post, Sara. Thanks so much for sharing everything you've learned! I love your heart & know that you are a great mommy!