Saturday, December 26, 2009

Harper First Birthday Pics...Long Over Due

So I had a sweet friend take birthday pics of Harper and I have been meaning to post them for the last 2 months but now that Harper is walking my time is somewhat otherwise occupied =)

Harper is 15 months soon to be 16 months and is the joy of our life. She is so vocal and has the sweetest spirit and most joyful countanance. She is everything we prayed for and so much more.

Lately she has been impressing us with her slang terms and her impressive vocabulary hahah

Wow...and COOl and OHHHH and are some of her new favorite words taught to her by her daddy =) She also loves to name all the animals and give the sounds they make. Horses and lions are her favorite....neigh....and roar are some of her favorite sounds. She also says hot, cold, and squinches her face, up, down, ball, cat, dog, no (uh oh), please, spoon, eat, bluberries (or something that sounds like it), more, papa, gigi, EE, purple, pink, baby, and lots more.

She also had been signing up a storm. I am so thankful we taught her sign language because it has helped her to communicate and kept her from getting frustrated at times. She is very annimated.

She loves people, has never met a stranger and loves to dance, and seems to be interested in art, colors, and BABIES. Everyone that is a kid no matter what age is a baby hahah.

She is very tenatious yet cautious and is very happy and easy going.

A funny story of late:

I was putting her in her car seat to go and run and errand and I smelled a strong mint flavor coming from her. I checked around to see what it was and noticed that she had a tic tac in her mouth that she had picked up from the ground and was happily sucking on it. It was pretty funny.

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Jordan Sanders said...

What a beautiful family! I love reading your posts when you talk about your daughter, it reminds me to look for and appreciate all the small moments with my little Emmy.