Friday, November 6, 2009

The Great Orchestration

* About a year ago, when Harper was born we started praying about a possible move due to the inconveniences of a 3 story house with a baby.
*We talked to our community group, friends, and family about the idea
* We decided to re-finance our townhome in July to prepare for possible future changes
* We came to a place of trust and no expectation and decided to list our house for sale (we were willing to lose our down payment if need be). It took us a while to get to this place where we could be completely open handed with what God had given us and asked him to work.
*At the end of September we had very little interest from buyers due to poor market conditions and we decided to be open to the option of renting our home out until the market stabilized
* During this time we decided to look at areas we wanted to live in and check out some homes to get an idea of what we would like.
* We looked at about 30 homes and found one that had some great potential and that we loved
* We felt a real peace in this particular home and I woke up one morning a week after the initial visit and just felt a real tug at my heart from the Lord to inquire about it again
* I called our realtor and asked if we could see it again. She called me back and said it had an offer on it but if we were interested and wanted to see the house today they would consider our offer
* Adam and I were a little anxious because in our timeline we wanted to buy a home once our current home was either sold our rented and neither of those things had happened according to OUR plan (isn't that always the case with the Lord)
* We felt a peace about the home and felt like we needed to walk in faith
*Our offer got accepted and we had a 10 day option period where we could get our earnest money back if we decided to cancel
* We prayed during those 10 days that God would find us a renter or we were prepared to cancel our contract on the house. Our realtor thought we were crazy and i am not sure if she believed it could happen
* A few days latter we had a guy knock on our door and tell us his friend from Washington DC wanted to rent our home. Adam told him he needed to talk to our realtor and we were not sure if this was a legitimate inquiry.
* A few days later the couple from DC decided to fly to Dallas to look for a place to live. They were relocating to Dallas and had to make a decision that weekend. They were not aware of our 10 day option period timeline.
* On day 10 of our option period they signed a 15 month lease! Praise the Lord! We were shocked and so very thankful for this gift and answered prayer
* They didn't need to move until November so we had a whole month to pack our stuff and make improvements to our new house! We didn't have to move twice which was a huge blessing!
*The people selling us the house were willing to make $10K in repairs to the foundation. AMAZING!
* The timing of our loan closed in such a way that we don't make a payment until December which means we never had to make a double payment!

WOW WOW WOW...All to say OUR GOD IS THE ULTIMATE ORCHESTRATOR! We feel so very blessed and saw God's hand in every single detail (too many to even mention). We now have a beautiful home (come this weekend) that we can enjoy and continue to raise our family in for years to come. Thank you for answering our prayers!

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erynn said...

I love to be reminded of all of those details. Priveldged to walk through that with you and to watch the Lord be faithful. Can't wait for you to move!