Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wisdom to Live By

Adam and I have gotten into a routine of reading the Psalm or Proverb that corresponds with the date.

Today was Proverbs 20 and a few verses stuck out to me and spoke to my heart and our life lately....

Many will say they are loyal friends, but who can find one who is really faithful? vs 6

When you have children, you find out who your truest friends are. We are so very blessed by the most loyal, loving, generous, and supportive group of friends. We pray often that we can be the kind of friends they are to us. We never want to take the gift of relationships for granted and praise God for the way he has used our friends to make us more like him. We loved celebrating Harper's birthday with some of our closest friends and family. Thanks guys for being there to celebrate!

If you are too lazy to plow in the right season, you will have no food at the harvest. vs 4

I am realizing the truth of this verse in relationship to parenthood. Parenthood is a journey and one that we want to be intentional about. We pray that we would not be distracted by the fleeting things of this world but rather would be transformed and live in a way that is purposeful. We pray that by being disciplined and strategic with our kids we will reap a harvest for generations to come.

How can we understand the road we travel? It is the Lord who directs our steps. vs 24

We have been processing buying a new home. We currently live in a 3 story townhome and over the last year as Harper has gotten older the physical demands of having a 1 year old and 2 sets of stairs have taken there toll. We recently found the perfect home, a one story, in the perfect neighborhood, in the perfect location, at the perfect price. It has been an overwhelming experience and we have seen God work in ways we have never experienced before. We are grateful for his provision for us and have seen the way that he has directed our steps detail by detail. I will share more on this in a later blog. Thank you God for your guidance, wisdom, and for this gift of a new home!

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