Monday, September 14, 2009

The BIG Milestone

Well... It has been 2 weeks since Harper turned ONE and it hard to even believe how fast this last year has gone. It has been so much fun and Adam and I have enjoyed every second of it.

Harper has grown into a sweet little girl and has an outgoing and entergetic personality.

* She loves to engage with strangers and talk to anyone who is willing to listen
* She has become very vocal and says ball, daddy, buy buy, bible, points to some body parts (she loves belly button and eyes), she loves to dance and does a funny little body roll, and loves her daddy (she gets so happy when he comes home from work and as soon as she hears the door unlock she crawls as fast as she can to meet him and says daddy daddy)
* She listen and responds to commands such as clean up and loves helping me clean up her toys and puts them in the box. I also ask her where Jesus lives and she points to her heart. It is so sweet.
* She enjoys her highchair and could sit in it all day and is learned and responding to the sign language we have taught her. She does all done, please, thank you and more.
* This month she started Mother's Day Out at First United Methodist Church in Richardson and she is enjoying the interaction with other kids.

We had a Big Family Birthday Party in Oklahoma and had a Birthday Party in Dallas for her and she had fun eating her first piece of cake. Pictures to come.

We love you sweet Harper. It has been so fun to watch you turn into a little Toddler.

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erynn said...

she is so sweet. presh