Friday, June 19, 2009

What would life be like with 3?

A few weeks ago 2 of my best friends came to visit us and brought their sweet babies Crew and Adley (16 months old). Our husbands were out golfing and we were at home playing with the babies. Things were going great, all the babies were having fun and enjoying one another. Around 7:00PM things started to go south quickly =). Out of desperation haha (am I exagerating a bit?) We decided that it would be fun to throw all the kiddos in the bath tub. They were having a grand old time splashing and playing. We got them out of the tub and then decided to keep them contained in my bedroom until our husbands got home. As you can see we tried to make light of the situation and decided to act as photographers for the new reality show " America's Next Top Baby Model." As you can see we got some funny pictures of the three of them together. For a second I got a glimpse of what life would be like with 3 babies under 2. Fun, Crazy, and Entertaining to say the least!

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