Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day and Grandfather's Day

Dad- Congrats! This is your first Grandfather's Day and your 27th Father's Day. You have been and continue to be an amazing father to me. Thanks for giving me sound advice, wisdom and direction through the years. Thanks for always telling me how much you love me and how proud you are of me. Thanks for encouraging me to strive for greatness and to not accept mediocrity. Thanks for teaching me that relationships count and that I should never compromise my integrity. Thanks for teaching me strength, endurance, ambition, and perserverance and for helping to shape me into a confident and optomistic women who loves the Lord. I love you and thank God that your my dad and Harper is blessed to call you her favorite grandpa Mike.
Adam- It has been so much fun to watch you be a daddy. You are patient, caring, kind, sweet, intentional, loving, fun and a great role model for Harper. Thanks for putting her first and for making an effort to engage with her every day. I know that she will grow up to respect and honor you because of your faithfulness to God. She is blessed to call you her father!

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