Friday, April 17, 2009



And she traveled the journey before you,
She has known all the cost of the way.

She paid out the price to its fullness,
That Motherhood only can pay.

She loved when the world was against you
She hoped-when your hope sank and died.

She clung to your hand when the clinging, Left scars in her heart, deep and wide.

She labored-and loved and was happy,
For down deep in her kind heart she knew

Your kindness and love would repay her

For all that she did-just for you

Thanks mom! You have been an amazing, beautiful, sweet, caring, kind, loving, faithful, encouraging, and Godly mom. I am so thankful for you and the way that you raised me and for always reminding me how much you loved me. I appreciate the hard work and thankless effort you put into raising us. I am forever grateful and I pray that I will be the kind of mother to Harper that you are to me. I am truly blessed.



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