Monday, November 10, 2008

Harper Grows

Okay.. so I realize I am not so good at keeping up with this blog. When I started the blog my intent was to post pictures weekly and I have failed miserably so I am now attempting to update you all on the progress/growth little Harper has made over the last 2 months. Here goes...

*She has found her thumb and has started sucking it every time she goes down for a nap. This has been so much fun to watch. 
*She loves to look around and  check everything out and is tracking really well with her eyes. She loves to just stare at the colorful picture in our living room.
*She loves her bath time and just relaxes in the water and coos, she also likes to check herself out in the mirror
* She is making all kinds of new noises and sounds. She especially loves her daddy's face and she is starting to laugh and smile a ton
* She loves to play under her playmat and check out all the cool toys dangling above her head. She also loves the mirror
* I have been reading the bible to her every morning and she listens intently and smiles like she knows who I am talking about. 
* She has started to sleep through the night, 9  hours the last 2 nights. This is amazing cause now I can get some sleep =)

It has been so much fun to watch her grow and change over the last few months. She has gone from being a sleepy baby to a little ball of energy and personality. I can't wait to see how she continues to grow and develop. Our job as parents is so much fun and we are enjoying every moment we have with her. God is good, all the time!


Ryan and Kate said...

So fun to hear how Harper is donig. I stumbled onto your blog and thought I'd drop a note to say hi! It's been fun getting to know you both at square 1. I hope we keep it going with a playgroup!


amanda patty said...

Love the new pictures! She is so beautiful. Can NOT wait to meet her next week!!!!! I know that Delaney and Jarrett are excited to see her as well. They both just love babies. See you all soon!!!