Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not the best blogger on the block

I haven't been the best blogger on the block but have been busy running around, playing hide and go seek, and just enjoying life with our little bundle of energy and joy.

Harper is so much fun and is talking up a storm these days. She always surprises us with her new word or phrases. She said gucamole the other day and I couldn't believe it. ..I was cracking up laughing. She also likes to put multiple words together like mommydaddy and is starting to put two and three words together like Bless you Mommy and Mommy Funny. Pretty amazing to see her little mind working and hearing the things she picks up.

She is very animated and loves to say WOW and WHOA and just cracks herself up. She is quite the little actress...I wonder where she gets that from =)

She is also LOVES the park and the swing and enjoys playing with her playgroup friends and her best friend Brooks. She is learning to share and doesn't like it some days.

Here are a few pics from Easter and just everyday life.

Harper playing with one of her favorite toys a mini easel. She love to color and organize her chalk.
She loves to sit in her BIG GIRL CHAIR and read books especially her little baby bible

We had a great Easter this year. The celebration seemed to go on and Easter Egg Hunt after another (our house, church, gg-pops). It was so much fun to see her interested and excited.
Adam and I hid her Easter basket, as was my family tradition growing up, and she had so much fun hunting for it. She loved finding the eggs and then realized all the goodies inside. She went straight for the candy without opening the wrapper. Too funny.

When I ask her what Easter is about she says JESUS. I know she doesn't understand yet but one day she will. I just think it is so sweet it warms my heart.

I just love this picture so sweet

Our play group. I love these babes and gals. They are such a blessing and so much fun to spend Thursdays with.

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