Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet Time with My Girl

Tonight I enjoyed a really special time with Harper. Adam had run to Target and Harper was not wanting to go to sleep. Instead of getting frustrated I asked the Lord to make our time special and help me to make the most of an allready long day.

I often sing to her praise songs when I put her down for bed as she wiggles in my arms and uses her strength to pummel herself into her bed. (She loves her bed when she is tired.) Tonight she let me just hold and rock her and laid her sweet little head and body on my chest as I sang some of my favorite songs.

Give Us Clean Hands, Lord Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary, All of You Is More Than Enough for Me.

As I thought about the words to the songs and how significant they are I began to pray that Harper, Adam and I would be able to live out the truth in these simple but profound songs. I prayed that she would be humble in heart and would turn her eyes from evil things and she woud not lift her souls to another or allow idols to take the place of Christ in her life. I prayed that her and our generation would be one that seeks God's face. I prayed that God would be more than Enough for her during any and every season of her life. I prayed that she would use her life to bring glory to the Lord.

Thank you Lord for sweet moments like this! You are the giver of everything GOOD!

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Katie said...

so sweet! i like this. ;)