Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Few of my favorites 7.5 months

Grayson is going to kill me for putting this picture of her on here but this is the face/laugh that Harper was making the whole week. She would snort and then squench her little eyes and laugh. It was so cute. I think she picked this up from Grayson cause she had never done this before.
We bought Harper a highchair right before I left for Atlanta. She loves it and enjoys pounding her little hands on the table. I have been giving her chunks of bananna and she is learning to pick them up and put them in her mouth. This is a difficult skill to master.

This is one of Harper's favorite toys. I have been putting her on her stomach and putting the toy out of her reach so that she has to skoot her way over to it. So far she has flipped herself over, kicked her legs and figured out a way to get that toy. Soon she will be crawling.

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